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Forbo Siegling Belt

​Forbo Siegling’s conveyor belts, high efficiency flat belts and plastic modular belts are often irreplaceable system components in different industries, such as food production plant, paper printing, airport and courier service industries.

“Siegling Transilon” conveyor belts and processing belts for speeding the flow of goods and for economic processing in the light materials handling industry. [More...]


Nowadays innovative concepts in production, material flow and logistics are vital competitive factors. Conveyor and processing belts, plastic modular belts and high efficiency flat belts often play a pivotal role here.

“Siegling Transtex” conveyor belts are characterized by ruggedness, lateral stiffness, wear and puncture resistance [More...]

“Siegling Extremultus” flat belts are easy to handle and track superbly even at high speeds. Available in various designs they enhance power transmission and conveying in many industries. [More...]

“Siegling Prolink” plastic modular belts are an excellent solution in these cases: The material is rot-resistant, durable and physiologically safe (all standard materials used are FDA compliant). As a rule cleaning the belts is simple. [More...]

Airport – Baggage Handling Systems [More...]

Logistics – Distribution Center [More...]

Food – Dough Processing / Confectionary [More...]

Food – Meat / Seafood / Poultry [More...]

Paper and Printing [More...]

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